Writing Speed Tips

information about deciding what to write as well as about how to write faster.That's a skill that takes practice, too, but it may be better for the learning process

  1. Train yourself to write anywhere.
  2. Practice speed writing. On your next project, set aside 5 minutes to scribble out everything you know about the subject on which you're writing. Don't think, don't blink, just write. Try it for pieces of the projects you're working on, especially when you find yourself stuck. Over time your productivity will skyrocket.
  3. Use outlines. When you lay out the organization of a piece, you free the writing mind to work.
  4. When typing, ignore all typos. You'll fix them alter. Er, later.
  5. Turn off your internal editor. Give up the anal-retentive need to
    edit each line as you go. Write so quickly that you do not have time
    to think about it. Your first draft does not have to be perfect but You'll rewrite it to yourheart content later. But not too much, eh?

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