Asset Tracking

Asset for the company is very important, cause with their asset company can grow up and give good service to costumers. Maintain asset is important part for the company, and good asset tracking is needed. Like another company, hospitals and clinics need to maintain their asset too. It's cause hospital and clinic have many expensive equipment that require re-calibration and maintenance from time to time. Asset tracking can be done with give label at every asset. To help this task, Intermec company has products to tracking and permanent automatic identification. Intermec printer able to make label from any kind custom media and rigid rfid tags.

Intermec Inc. is company that helping to get Automated Data Collection and mobile computing systems. Intermec products can used to asset tracking aplication like asset tagging, check in, check out, transfer, delivery, maintenance an calibration. With asset tracking we can get the important information to ensure that the asset has a current maintenance status, storage location, or last location used. This products is available for many company not just for hospital and clinic only. You can learn more about Intermec products at their site in

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