Online Radio

Internet was be part of life for many people today including me, I can’t life without internet. We can do everything just online on internet like shopping, get friends, earn money, get information, education and much more. The conventional business and entertainment was change too, many company use internet to offering their product. At internet we can hear online radio and watch television too. The online radio was be favorite by the internet user, because we can listening radio while surfing at internet. Online radio was erase the boundary of the world because we can hear radio from any where in the world, you can listen the same radio like other people in Europe, America and Asia. Listen to online radio make us know and understand about culture other country and we can get friend from all around the world. One of online radio that give us alternative entertainment is XFM, this is online radio in UK. You can visit their site at, there we can find music news, podcasts, gig tickets and much more. They have interesting program like the rock show, x-posure, the remix and much more. The best part of this online radio is we can participation the competition and quiz. You'll get many prize like hand phone, DVD or tickets if you won the quiz.

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