For blogger that follow SR must be carefully cause their release this statement

Hello bloggers, over the course of the next few days we will be doing some house cleaning and will be rejecting a lot of blogs that are not following our rules or that do not meet our requirements. This includes our newest requirement that your blog be cached in the major search engines, including Google. (You can check your cache in Google by putting cache: into Google)

Many bloggers have ignored our rules about having a 2:1 ratio of paid posts to non-paid posts on their blogs, and because of that they have gotten removed from Google's index.

We will also be going through the quality of the posts being completed and looking at advertiser ratings. Bloggers who do not write quality reviews will also be rejected.

For all of those who do follow the rules, thank you for being part of our system. This cleanup will insure that there is more work for the bloggers who deserve it the most.


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